Genova used to be a small village some 5 km. from Palma center. It is now considered as an attractive residential area.

Genova used to be a small village some 5 KM. from the center of Palma. Over the years the in between area has been filled up with residential construction, and Genova is now considered as a district of greater Palma. It is situated at the foot of the Naburgesa Mountain range.

The center of Genova is a mix of many  types of residential constructions and the charm is somewhat destroyed by lack of planning in the years where box shaped concrete buildings were the way to build. However the area is as such attractive and quite a few foreigners live here, and in resent years a range of first class apartments have been built, many with stunning view over the bay of Palma.

 A part of Genova has many good restaurant, and it is a well visited place for dining out. The Son Pedro is a place where you get very good value for money. There is the old and new Son Pedro. Both to recommend. Following the road up the mountain to Na Bourgesa, you find a restaurant with a fantastic view over Palma. The specialty here is roast lamb.

In the outskirts of Genova you find many fine houses . As the mountain side is facing east to south it is nice and cool in summer, but then in the winter chilly and damp.


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Genova with Na Burguesa mountains in the back ground. You can see the road to the monument, almost on top of the hill. Here is lying a small restaurant.

View from the restaurant NA

Looking over Genova with Bellver castle in the background.

 Genova, near the church

House in Genova.

Looking over the centre of Genova