Horse riding on Mallorca
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On Mallorca there are many different ways you can enjoy this sport. On the tourist destinations, you find the "rent by the hour". In case you want more training, you find stables, where part of the deal is that the keeper can use the horses for training classes. Or they have their own horses for this purpose. This is the best way to go, if you want to learn to ride properly, or already knows and just want some extra lessons. Then you also have the "all in " riding holiday, where you live on a finca in the country side, and take tour in the the surrounding area from there.

Horse riding - Es Pas - Mallorca

Es Pas is in Calvia. Taking the road from Calvia to Establisment, you find it on the left side on the road, just as you leave the small town of Calvia.


Horse riding - La Garrocha - Mallorca

La Garrocha, in Secar de la Real near Establisement, is not a place you find unless you know it is there. They offer classes.


Horse riding - Son Gual - Mallorca

You find these smart stables on the road from Palma to Puigpunient. Distance from Palma de Mallorca only 5 Km. This is a new and very well maintained place. You can take an excursion on horseback from here.


Horse riding - R.C.E.E.M - Mallorca

R.C.E.E.M is one of the well known riding clubs on Mallorca. It is situated on The Soller Palma road, close to the entrance to the tunnel coming from Palma, on your right side. There is a sign where to turn. Just next to this place is one more riding club.



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