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The sightseeing walks in Palma de Mallorca is arranged by the Tourist Board  Patio in Palma de Mallorca(INESTUR). It has been an enormous success, and there are now 9 guided walks in Palma. The guides are very good. There knowledge of the life, and he secrets of the old ruling society, is very high. You hear how fortunes were made, and lost. You can book the tours from the tourist office in C. Sant Domingo. Click on the link to open a new window with more info - You will be leaving MallorcaFactMap. (Close to the main post office) Tel 971 720 721. 10-13.30  and 16.30-19.  Max 30 in a group. Ticket sales stop 1 hr before start of tour. Note that the tours does not start from the tourist office. Ask them to mark on a map where is the start point. Duration is approximately 2 hours. 5 Language.  The fee is varying, some 6 Euros each person.