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This celebración is about the 3 kings, the well known theme from the Bible. They arrive in the Port of Palma on a boat, bringing gifts to the kids. This year an estimated 150.000 persons had taken to the streets of Palma de Mallorca to se the procession. After a successful landing they move to the town hall, where they are welcomed by the Mare of Palma. On to Plz. Major, Sant Miquel, Oms, La Rambla, Jaume III and ending at Paseo Mallorca. Gifts are being distributed among some lucky young ones, and thousands of "caramellos" being thrown to the people. The date of the celebration is on the 5th of January. The photographer unfortunately failed to get photos of the kings themselves riding on their camels; maybe next year. Similar events are taking place in  the other bigger towns on Mallorca.      Edit and Photo TA Jan. 2004

The traffic is at a stand still The decorations from christmas are still in place
The colourful event has started It is quite fun to look at
About 10 dressed up trucks went by Lights and colour
Throwing candy to the kids On it goes